Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My hopes for today

I hope that the better man wins.

I hope that my candidate is judged the better man.

I hope that, whoever wins, he wins with a plurality of the popular votes - not just with the majority of the Electoral College. (Faith in democracy took a big hit in 2000; we don't need that again.)

I hope that the margin of victory is substantial.

I hope that there are minimal voting machine glitches.

I hope that we know the outcome before I go to bed tonight. ( I really want to go to bed tonight.)

I hope that nobody has to wait six hours to vote, gets discouraged, and goes home.

I hope that the Supreme Court has nothing to do with this election.

I hope that no one, in conceding or giving their victory speech, uses the word "real America/real Americans." Real Americans are anyone who voted (even if they voted for that ardent narcissist, Ralph Nader).

I hope that Ralph Nader has no impact on the outcome of this election.

I hope the Michigan woman who, on Halloween, refused to give candy to "Obama supporters, liars, tricksters, or kids of supporters", enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame, and her left-over M&Ms.

I hope that Joe Wurtzelbacher doesn't let the door hit him on his plumber's smile on his way out.

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