Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Sheer nonsense

For the third time this week – three, count ‘em – my sister Trish has been the fodder spotter for Pink Slip. Well played, Trixie.

Today’s suggestiopn is a complete and utter doozy.

Not since Ricky and Fred made faux couture dresses out of feed sacks, and tricked Lucy and Ethel into believing they were straight off the Paris runway, has there been a more ridiculous fashion statement than Moschino’s dry cleaning bag dress.

Perhaps I should be thanking my lucky fashionista stars that I already have a couple of these in my possession.

Technically speaking, one of these should go back to my sister Kath, since it encases a trench coat that she’s donating to St. Francis House. (Promise: I’ll bring it in next week, when I’m doing a shift in the clothing room.)

But I do have dry cleaning bags that are mine, all mine.

Such potential. Gifts for sisters, cousins, nieces. One size fits all. An even better Yankee Swap item than a Snuggie. 

Seriously, folks. I used to feel that the most absurd fashion of the year was the thousand dollar pair of inside-out ripped jeans. Hah. In comparison to the dry cleaning bag o’ fashion, I’d fill a wardrobe with Dry cleaning dressthose puppies.

The dry cleaning bag is, I must say, less costly than the inside-out ripped jeans. It’s only $736 (give or take). So you could take the extra couple hundred bucks you don’t spend on the inside-out ripped jeans on a slip to go underneath that bare-naked dry cleaning bag. Because, of course, slip not included.

The paper-looking shoulder treatment –
“We ♥️ our customers” – is a nice enough touch. Although it does seem a bit working girl to walk around advertising love for customers. And who wants to parade around with “Free pick up and delivery” stamped across their body?

So on balance, weird. Weirdy-weird.

I don’t imagine they’ll sell many/any of these. It may just be an attention getting device. But does Moschino want my attention? It’s not like I’m going to be so intrigued by this piece that I’ll look into what else they offer.MOSCHINO

Okay. That’s not exactly true. I was curious enough to dig this up. I’m definitely not their demographic, even if I did have dress-up places to go, which I most decidedly do not.

I suppose that, given all that’s going on in the world, it’s actually enjoyable to have a bit of outre fashion levity out there.

Still, hard to see Moschino’s “cape sheer overlay dress” as anything other than sheer nonsense.  

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Source: HuffPo – via my sister Trish.

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