Wednesday, April 06, 2016

This may well be a stupid idea, but I kind of like it

Yesterday was a mixed bag, in terms of my overall review of the day.

Starting with the downside, my troubling shoulder continues to be troubling. Yes, my PT genius assures me – as I sat there, shoulder swaddled in tan stretchy bandages holding an ice bag in place while the stim was thumping away, looking like a pitcher who’d just had Tommy John surgery - that great improvement is just around the corner, but yesterday I was feeling a bit discouraged. The troubling trouble is not exactly pain-pain, it’s achy. But my head’s not exploding and, over the month of trouble I’ve taken all of 8 Tylenols. Still, it’s an ache, it’s a pain, and I really would like it to go away.

My gimpy shoulder made me a bit more cautious when I set out yesterday, especially given that everyone in the ‘hood didn’t shovel their sidewalk – and, yes, I’m talking you Red Wagon and Harvard Garden – hoping against hope that April would be warm enough to melt Monday’s snow accumulation a way. NOT! So there I was, gingerly making my way over a couple of ice floes, hoping I wouldn’t fall and render my troubling shoulder even more troublesome.

On the plus – make that super-plus – side, the Red Sox opened their season with an impressive win by their new ace, David Price, and an impressive dinger from their old standby, David Ortiz, who is embarking on his swan season.

And, although it was freaking cold – in the twenties – it was sunny out.

But what really made my day was reading that Staples is going to start offering shared workspace (via a partnership with Workbar) in some of their suburban locations.

Not that I’m going to hop into my zipcar to take advantage of shared workspace in Norwood or Danvers. Or even in Brighton, which is not a suburb but a section of Boston. Still, I was cheered to read:

Just past the highlighters and to the left of the shredders, the companies plan to build walled-off enclaves with all the trappings of a typical startup: colorful conference rooms, shared kitchens, private call booths, and flexible desk space. (Source: Boston Globe)

I know absolutely nothing about Workbar, but I’m a big proponent of shared workspace. Hanging around Starbuck’s nursing a latte and cadging wifi doesn’t quite do it for me.

I don’t actually need shared workspace, but I like the idea that shared workspace exists.

And I am colossally in love with Staples.

Few things make me happier than popping into a Staples and picking up a bunch of yellow pads (small and large), some new pens, multi-colored Post-its. I’ve just always loved office supplies, and shopping for office supplies. Ordering online doesn’t do it for me. I want to roam the eyes and pick up anything that catches my eye.

Sure, this means that I end up with way too many manila folders and gel pens.

But, as vices go, it’s a modest one.

So, if I were in need of shared workspace, and I could also go office supply shopping while I was at work…Well, talk about a little bit of heaven.

From a business point of view, I have no idea whether Staples’ getting into the workspace biz is a good idea or a bad idea. But that doesn’t stop me from loving it.

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Frederick Wright said...

I'm personally a big fan of WorkBar and concepts like it, such as the unicorn-level overvalued competitor WeWork, located next door. Check it out next time you're in the Leather District with your laptop. My spouse, a contractor/consultant loves the professionalism, the checklist of standard business services and amenities they offer.