Monday, April 18, 2016

Patriots’ Day, 2016

No doubt about it. Patriots’ Day is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because it’s almost gloriously and exclusively ours. By that I mean, it almost gloriously and exclusively belongs to Massachusetts. Almost, but not quite. I knew that it was observed in Maine as well. Which sort of makes sense, given that Maine used to be part of Massachusetts. But, from google, we learn that it’s also observed in Wisconsin and “encouraged” in Florida, whatever that means. (Perhaps my cousin Ellen, still biding her winter-time in the Sunshine State, can fill me in.)

Anyway, it’s a holiday I’ve always enjoyed. So I’m partially taking it off this year with links to a couple of prior posts on the subject.

Here’s my first Patriots’ Day outing, way back in 2008. The sentiments still hold, although I will note that, in a season after the Red Sox finished last, it’s easier to get tickets for the day’s game than it is in a season after they win the World Series. Thus, I will be at today’s game with my sister Trish. The game starts at 11:05 a.m., which means it will let out after the elite runners have long sped by. But the timing should allow us to see plenty of good runners as we stream with the rest of the fans into Kenmore Square. Based on game timing and his timing, my friend Jake informs me that I may be able to give him a wave as he runs by.

(Meanwhile, I have gone to a number of Patriots’ Day games, but I can’t for the life of me remember how they let pedestrians through the race route. I think that they did used to let us thread our way through the runners. But given the unpleasantness of 2013, the security has to be a lot tighter. We may have to head over towards Huntington Ave to walk home. That of back-trail to the starting point in Hopkinton. We’ll figure it out.)

Anyway, last year, Patriots’ Day coincided with the ghastly anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, which I mulled over here.

2014 was a lousy year, Patriots’ Day wise. It was one year since the Boston bombing attack and two months since tswan boatshe death of my husband. Here’s my post from that year, which incorporates links to my reflections on the bombing and the bombers. And since I guess the whammies of life often come in threes, I must note that, on Patriots’ Day 2014, we were a week away from the death of my oldest and dearest of friends, Marie. As I said, 2014 was a lousy year.

But this year is better.

It’s beautiful out there. The flowering trees are starting to flower.I’ve got Sox tickets. The swan boats are back.

Happy Patriots’ Day. Observance encouraged!

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