Friday, March 27, 2015

Welcome sweet springtime…

No Pink Slip today, I’m afraid.

Two client deadlines yesterday, and no reserve posts in the queue. (Which never happens, but apparently just has.)

So I’ll leave you with this:


Which is, admittedly, a terrible picture, even by my exceedingly low standards.

So if you can’t quite tell what it is, other than that it includes someone – that would be me – casting a mighty shadow – it’s the first crocuses that popped up out front just yesterday morning.

Now, I don’t know whether I accidentally ordered mini-crocuses last fall, or whether my normal-sized crocuses were stunted by all this year’s snow and cold….

All I know is that, when I went out to the cobbler yesterday a.m. to drop off a pair of shoes, there were no flowers out front. (I know this because I stepped into our, ahem, garden to pick up some recently-revealed winter trash, including someone’s discarded parking ticket, and there were no fleurs in sight.) By the time I returned, 10 minutes later, those little suckers had burst through.

Even if they are mini versions of what I expected to see, they were are sight for some very winter-sore eyes.

And last night I dreamed about forsythia.

Welcome sweet springtime!

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