Friday, March 13, 2015

“Mule Train”. (Don’t say I never gave you anything.)

In the history of humankind, has there ever been a time sink that could hold a candle to the Internet?

I think not.

When I was caught up in a recent time sink black hole, I came across a site that let’s  you know what song was #1 on the Hit Parade on the day of your birth.

Mine was the decidedly unglamorous, unromantic, unhummable, unsingalongable “Mule Train”, as sung by Frankie Laine.

Is there any cosmic force at play here? Was a doomed from the get go to be a nose-to-the-grindstone drudge?

At work, I always use to describe my style as workhorse, not racehorse. Little did I know it was actually mule. Which isn’t even a real animal now, is it? It’s a goofy hybrid.

Thanks, Hit Parade.

While it obviously only took a couple of seconds to look up my own birthday, I was able to sink quite a bit of time looking up the birthday songs of friends and family. Some were quite apt, I must say. Was it destiny that made my brother Rich a union official, given that his b-day tune is “Sixteen Tons.”

Anyway, I’m on vacation this week, so this is as much as Pink Slip is willing to do for this Friday.

But click here to start your own time sink of the day.

And don’t say I never gave you anything.

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