Friday, February 13, 2015

Snow day? Snow weekend? Snow week? Snow month?

Despite the fact that it was a bit snowy yesterday, I decided that I needed to get out for a bit.

So I went out for a bit.

Naturally, part of that bit – my daily outing – was clearing out the storm drain on the corner.

But, since shopping is also a nice and purposeful way to get out for a bit, I went out and did a bit of shopping.

I went to a very nice gift shop on Charles Street to find a birthday gift for a friend.

That mission accomplished, I stopped by the cash machine.

Man, do I hate when that ATM spits out a hundred dollar bill.

Anyway, I then went off to a very nice nut and goody shop to pick up some nice nuts and goodies so I’ll have something on hand for my Saturday company. Who – fingers crossed – will not be turned away by the early going of the next blizzard we’re expecting. With luck, they’ll blow in before things really get going, and head for home before we get into Nanook of the North territory.

They’re hardy New Englanders, and I fully expect they’ll be by.

And speaking of hardy New Englanders, I’m one of those, too.

So, after doing my Charles Street shopping, I made my way across the Boston Public Garden, and over to Newbury Street.

This particular trek was not especially necessary. I.e., it wasn’t in pursuit of a birthday present I don’t need for another two weeks.

Did I really need to pick up the wine bottle vacuum pump I’ve been planning to get for the past year?

Well, no, but – other than the slippery under-footed-ness – the walk out to Newbury Street and Fairfield was pleasant.

And while I was out and about, why not pick up some wrapping paper for the baby shower gift that was delivered FedEx earlier in the day? The gift doesn’t need to be wrapped until March 1, but while I’m out... As I said, why not.

On my way back public gardenhome, I walked again through the Public Garden, thanking my lucky stars that this is my front yard.

Yes, it is infinitely more pleasant in spring-summer-early fall when there are flowers everywhere, and the Swan Boats are running. But it is equally beautiful in the dead of winter.

And, I can assure you, this is the dead of winter.

Oh, I’m sure that “outsiders” are muttering that we’re just whining. This is New England. It’s winter. You get snow. If you don’t like snow,  move to Arizona.

Trust me. I grew up in Worcester. I know winter. I know snow.

But the word that keeps getting tossed about is “unprecedented.”

And unprecedented this is.

In the past two weeks, we’ve accrued nearly double what we take in during a normal year. And, to add insult to injury – or, as I saw in an online comment, to rub sno-melt into our wounds – we’re expecting another 15 inches this weekend.

We’re tracking to break all sorts of records. Snowiest short period. Snowiest February. Snowiest winter.

And, while we’re at it, it’s quite a bit colder than normal.

This is, believe it or not, something of a good thing. It makes for fluffier snow, which is easier to shovel and doesn’t tend to result in downed power lines.

On the other hand, the snow isn’t doing the gradual melting we’re used to. (It doesn’t help that we’ve barely seen the sun this month.) So when this sucker starts to melt….

Meanwhile, I have a meeting downtown this morning.

When I leave, the temperature is projected to be 6 degrees (which, Intellicast says, will feel like –12 degrees). The high for the day is project to be 12 degrees.  Brrrrrr.

In February, it’s usually in the mid to upper 30’s.

For joy!

Yesterday was Truck Day, which means that the equipment truck left Fenway Park for Florida.

No reports yet of any locals who stowed away with the balls and bats.

Can’t blame anyone who went for it.

Later today, once I’ll be all snugged in.

I’ve got my library books. I’ve got my Kindle. I have my book-books.

And, of course, where there’s power, there’s TV and Internet.

All set? You bet!

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