Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here, here! Bristol Palin hits the speakers’ circuit

Certainly, a single mom’s got to find a way to make a living.

But is there really an organization – other than one who might want to suck up to her mother, so that answers my question – who would pay Bristol Palin between 15 and 30 grand to talk about teen pregnancy, as well as:

… her experiences on the campaign trail and in the media spotlight; her parenting approach; and her outlook on life.

Now, I believe that Ms. Palin could be as effective as the next oops-there’s-a-baby teenager in talking to youth groups about the difficulties of trying to complete an education, find work, and take care of the little one – although I don’t imagine that Bristol faces the same financial hurdles that most teenaged moms do. Sure, she “works in a physician's office”, but I’m guessing, that since her mother broadened the family’s economic horizons, Bristol’s not exactly leading a hard-scrabble life for herself.

Still, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, so Bristol signed up with Single Source Speakers. She’s now:

… listed on the speaking group's website as available for conferences, fundraisers, special events and holidays, as well as women's, youth, abstinence and "pro-life" programs.

It’s not that she’s speaking at conferences, etc., that I question. (By the way, what holidays call for guest speakers?) Who better to talk abstinence than someone who got caught not abstaining? Although I’m guessing that, to many in her audience, she’s going to look like a glamour-gal rather than an object lesson.

But 15 to 30 LARGE? Wow!

Would sentient adults want to write a fund-raising check if they knew that $30K of the proceeds was going to a 19 year old so that she could share her, like, perspective on life? Would a grownup pay to hear her talk about her “parenting approach.”

I suppose she’ll “write” a book, if she hasn’t already.

And she’s certainly entitled to do the American thing, and cash in on her mother’s celebrity and her own personal (if ephemeral) notoriety.

But am I the only one who finds this a bit sad in terms of what’s ahead for this young woman?

Wouldn’t she be better off if she just kept juggling her work in the physician’s office with finishing up her education with changing Tripp’s diapers with trying to have a social life with volunteering to tell a cautionary tale to those in her immediate community?

Is it just me? Am I the only one who thinks that Bristol Palin might have more to say about her “parenting approach and outlook on life” in another ten years or so?

By then she might actually have a perspective on parenting, life, and celebrity that was worth listening to.

Not that ‘the young folks’ don’t have an outlook on life – or even one that deserves airing. But 19 year olds are supposed to blah-di-blah about their outlook on life while lounging on their dorm beds, or avoiding the drill sergeant in the barracks. Not at the podium for $30K an outlook on life pop.

And not that there are some people who don’t have plenty of brilliantly mature things to say at a young age. James Joyce wrote ‘The Dead’ when he was 22.

But Joyce was a genius and, while I don’t know for a fact that Bristol Palin isn’t, I’m just guessing. (Bristol, honey, you’re in good company. Including me.)

Remains to be seen who’ll fork over $15K (let alone $30K) to listen to her speak, unless it’s part of a two-fer with her mother.

The exact fee, by the way,

…will depend on factors such as which group she's addressing and what she must to do prepare.

What preparation might that be? It’s not like anyone’s going to ask her to brush up on Waziristan. Of course, they could throw in a trick question and ask her what newspapers she reads, or which of the Founding Fathers she admires the most. (All of them.) It might be easier to prepare if she were asked about Famous Single Mothers. I’m sure that Bristol Palin wouldn’t have to brush all that much up on her knowledge of Jamie Spears.

Okay. I’ve ranted enough. It’s not like I’m ever going to have to listen to Bristol Palin speak. I’ll probably be dead and gone by the time she runs for president on the Real Celebrity ticket.

And, hey, despite all that rampant socialism going on, we’re still a capitalist country. If someone’s willing to pay Bristol Palin $30K to talk about her outlook on life, then I guess I’ll have to admit that she’s worth it.


Source: Boston.com

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