Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Google, apparently, owns tout le monde

Well, yesterday I was able to:

  1. Successfully get on the ‘net
  2. Get a bit of a blog off

Au jour d’hui, however, the only sites I can access are Google, g-mail, and Blogspot (owned by Google).

If I do a Google search, a list of sites comes up, but when I click on any of the sites, nothing…

Okay, not exactly nothing.

An error message. “Internet Explorer cannot access this web page.”

Did Google and Microsoft go to war in the brief time I’ve been gone?

So, as much as I’d like to be able to check on the Boston water supply, the Red Sox, and my e-mail that’s not g-mail, it may not be happening.

But because we have TV, including the BBC, we’re able to get the news.

Thus, we know that there’s a NYC bombing suspect in custody, that there’s flooding in Nashville, and that the Boston Bruins won their second playoff game against the Flyers in Fenway Park (sic). Just can’t expect that plummy-voiced BBC announcer to recognize that the Bruins, except on New Year’s Day, do not play at Fenway Park. They play at the Gah-Den. (Which is now the TD North Center, or something. But to “us”, it will always be the Gah-Den.)

It seems, however, that I may be able to upload a blog post, since Blogspot is Google territory.

Anyway, it’s beautiful out there today, and I’m not going to spend my vacation trying to figure out how to get beyond the wall that Google has built in here, so this may be my dernier post until Monday.

That‘s assuming we get home.

We know from the BBC that there’s volcano ash drifting around Ireland and Scotland. As long as it doesn’t head over here.

Anyway, I’m off to get a baguette.

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