Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day, 2009

I've always loved Memorial Day, one of those pleasant but low-craziness holidays that we just don't get enough of.

I won't be doing much today to celebrate, although on Wednesday my cousin Barbara and I will make our bi-annual trek to "the cemeteries" to plant geraniums on the family graves. (In the fall, we plant tulips, and I'm hoping that they'll still be in bloom today, so that no one will think "our" graves are derelict. The folks in "our" graves are, however, past caring.)

The last two years, I wrote about the war-related aspects of the holiday which did, of course, begin to commemorate the Civil War dead.

Those posts hold up pretty well, and I've linked them here:

Memorial Day 2008: Six Degrees of Separation from the Military.

Memorial Day 2007: Decoration Day.

This day is as good as any to think about those who have died in the past year. For me, that means thinking about the older sisters of two of my closest friends. Each was in her mid-sixties - way too young. Both died of cancer, a prolonged and hideous way to go.

Last fall, we almost lost my younger brother to a sudden, misdiagnosed malady. So for a few days, it looked like I was going to beat my friends to the ranks of those with a sibling who died early. (In my brother's case, it would have been in his early 50's - way too young.)

Anyway, today I will think about my friends Peter and Michele,, who I know will be thinking about their sisters Joanne and Mary Jeanne.

And I will celebrate the good fortune, and the reclaimed robust good help, of my brother Richard.

Glad you made it, Stick!

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