Thursday, November 01, 2007

One armed blogger

I broke my arm last week, and am at least for a while longer a one armed blogger. Not only does it take quite a bit longer to do one handed typing, I just have less energy in general. (Wah, wah, wah.) I find myself drifting off every hour or so for a catnap - and this is without the grog-inducing drugs they prescribed for me.  (Take one every 4 hours as needed. Well, I found two in forty-eight hours enough to reduce me to a drooling piece of mush, nodding off again pretty much every time I opened my eyes. And these, I was assured, were not even the super-duper drugs. Apparently, if you haven't taken pain killers before, they can really throw you for a loop.)

So, while I am clear-headed enough to post, it just takes too damned long to do everything.

Thus, I will be posting sporadically until the doctor tells me I can use two hands - which could happen today - or not.

Off to MGH to see the ortho man. Must allow plenty of time to make sure I don't trip on the brick sidewalk and bust the left arm, too.

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