Friday, November 09, 2007

The High Cost of a Broken Arm

I was going to give myself the day off from Pink Slip - kind of a day off to feel sorry for myself because, even with the new remote, wireless, ergonomic keyboard, it's still not all that comfortable to type. My arm and back get twingy and tight. Wah, wah, wah...

Then I thought I'd do a bit of a post-een on the non-medical costs associated with having a broken arm.

First off, once I figured out it will be a while before I manage to get a bra on again, I decided that I needed more camisole tops. The stretchy cotton ones from LL Bean with the built in bra-ish thing looked good. I ordered a couple. They are good. I ordered two more.

All of my nightgowns are overhead-ers. I got sick pretty fast of sleeping in sweatpants and a cotton hoodie. LL Bean had a button front nightgown with a sappy, grandmother's wallpaper print. But what the hell. I needed one. Order on!

It was not just that I was sleeping in clothing that looked like Patriots' coach Bill Belichik's. I was wearing it all day, too. And some of those sweatpants were ridiculously high water.

There's an Eddie Bauer outlet nearby, and I figured they'd have some easy on, comfy clothing. I was right. A few shirts, a sweater, and one of those ultra comfy velveteen track suits.

When I told my friend Peter that I went to Eddie Bauer for comfy clothes, he said, "As long as you didn't get one of those little track suits that old ladies wear to the mall..."

Well, Peter, I did, but I guess I won't be wearing it when we have lunch next week.

Maybe I'll just wear it during this current time of need, then put it away until I'm a mall-crawling old lady

As it happens, we have oodles of pillows in our house. It's just that they're all firm foam and/or Tempur-Pedic. Not what I needed to nestle my poor, broken arm in. So I'm now in possession of a nice, soft down pillow that enabled me to sleep in my bed last night for the first time in 2 weeks.

Then there is the aforementioned new keyboard...

It all adds up.

Lucky me that I can afford all kinds of things to make my life easier during what will be a relatively brief period of discomfort. Unlucky those who are trying to figure out just how to pay the medical bill.

It's apparently "Broken Bone" month in my extended family. Out in Chicago, my 82 year old Aunt Mary (who looks, acts, and sounds 72 - if that) broke a bone in her foot a couple of days after I broke my arm. She was bringing chicken and coleslaw over to my cousin Ellen, who had undergone a (Successful!!! Yea!!!) lumpectomyfor breat cancer that morning. Mary tripped leaving Ellen's house. (And you thought everything in the Midwest is flat. Apparently not.)

To make it a tri-fecta, my niece Caroline - poor kid - has just broken her toe.

What a month!


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