Tuesday, March 22, 2016

National Goof Off Day. (Perfect timing…)

Well, I was cruising the web last evening, looking at the usual suspects when it comes to finding Pink Slip topics, and not finding anything that leaped out as particularly blog-worthy. Was I going to have the flip through the last couple of Economists, just sitting there on my night table, waiting to be flipped through?

I was tired, cranky.

I’d been in PT for 4 hours in the morning. (I had counted on 3 max.)

What’s the PT for?

I’m “suffering” from shoulder impingement, brought on, I’m pretty sure, by SOFA (Sedentary, Old, Fat Assing). If you catch it early, you can fix it through exercise. If you don’t, you get frozen shoulder, which leads to surgery OR extremely painful PT. Fortunately, I caught mine early, and with the help of the brilliant PT genius I go to when I have something like shoulder impingement, I should be good to go after a couple of weeks of PT.

While I truly love my PT guy, it’s not the most orthodox of PT outfits. Thus, what might take an hour at a normal physical therapist, will take a lot longer at Jake’s. It is, I can assure you, well worth it.

Still, although I do know what to expect at Jake’s, I had hoped that I’d be there for 3 hours, not 4.

Anyway, the day started positively, in that I’m on my way to being able to more easily comb my hair and hook my bra, a pretty modest goal, given that most of the other folks at Jake’s are trying to get ready to run the Marathon. But the day also started negatively, throwing my schedule off a bit.

So there I was last night: 8 p.m. and topic-less.

And then the light bulb went off: it’s always National Something-or-Other Day.

And as it happens, the something-or-other day observed today is National Goof Off Day.

Which kind of makes me wish I worked full time, so I could really goof off.

So there you have it: Pink Slip is observing National Goof Off Day.

But not without mentioning that it’s also the actually pretty serious and important National American Diabetes Association Alert Day. With that, I’d like to alert you that diabetes is serious. A lot of people end up with the largely avoidable Type 2 version. And if you’re a tiny bit on the zaftig side, are a SOFA-type person, and have any family history of Type 2 diabetes, you ought to have your blood sugar tested when you have your annual. Just sayin’. Just alertin’.

Serious national days aside, it’s also National Bavarian Crepes Day. Which seems like a not very good pick on the part of the Bavarian crepers, given that those consuming too many Bavarian crepes will find themselves creping their way into Type II diabetes.

I promise that this will be the last National Something-or-Other Day post for a while. Which is kind of too bad, given that tomorrow, we celebrate:

  • National Chia Day – which, I must point out, is dedicated to the chia seed, not the chia pet. We of course realize that, without the seed, there is no pet. But it seems as if the chia pet deserves a separate day. I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.
  • National Chip and Dip Day – which should always fall on a weekend
  • National Near Miss Day – whatever that means
  • National Melba Toast Day – better for you than Bavarian Crepe Day, Type II diabetes-wise

and, ta-da:

  • National Puppy Day – awwwww

Everyday should be National Puppy Day.

But we’ll just have to settle for National Goof Off Day for now.

Consider yourself officially goofed-off.

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