Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day 2014

Although I am not a veteran, I am the daughter of one. (And the granddaughter of another. Of course, when celebrating veterans, it’s more my father and his four years in the U.S. Navy in Big WWII that are in buddy-poppy mind. After all, my veteran grandfather served in the Austro-Hungarian Army – i.e., the other side of the trench – during WWI, a war that, even by imbecilic war standards was pretty damned imbecilic. Perhaps the only good to come of it was Veterans Day itself. That and, from a personal standpoint, the fact that it was probably what prompted my German grandparents to get the hell out of Austro-Hungarian Dodge and book passage on the next boat to Ellis Island.)

Although I am not a veteran, Pink Slip does enjoy an occasional holiday-in-the-middle-of-the-work-week kind of a holiday, so I’m taking it off.

But I didn’t take it off in 2012, so here’s a link to a perfectly good post from that year’s edition of Veterans Day. It all still holds.

Some things are, of course, worth repeating, and one is to wish a Happy Veterans Day to all the vets out there.

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