Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Consider the Snood: Canine Edition

Why,  just four short years ago, I was considering the snood, which, in November 2009 was being trend-spotted.

Trend-spotted, as we well know, does not always translate into trend-realized. And I don’t believe that the return of the snood ever actually happened. At least not among humans. At least not among the humans I pal with.

But my sister Trish, perhaps doing some early Christmas shopping for her own beloved pooch, came across dog snoods for sale on Etsy.

dog snoodNot that she would consider a snood for Jack.

He is just so not the snood type, even if we were talking a manly snood, like the one with devil ears, or the one that tries to make your dog look like a fox. Or the unisex snood with the sock monkeys on it.

Or the ultra-macho ‘stmustache snoodache snood.

I’m not sure if the mustache comes with/is attached somehow to the snood, or if this doggy just happens to be a ‘stache man.

As a Black Lab, a mustache –whether real or fake – wouldn’t really show up on Jack, unless it were salt-and-pepper (in which case, he might look quite distinguished).

Anyway, as Trish said, Jack would only be interested in a snood if it were stuffed with cheese or peanut butter.

In any case, Jack, as a Lab, is not the target market for a snood. Even if he were a girly-girl Lab, the ideal customer for the dog snood is a member of a long-eared breed. And the snood is intended to keep those long ears clean while your dog is supping.

Snoods help keep those long ears clean while eating and chewing bones…. If you feed a raw diet to your pup this is a must have. I also use these while my pups are chewing bones or bully sticks. Snoods are a hygienic way to feed your pooch and help keep those long ears looking beautiful!

Just imagine, for years, folks managed to keep spaniels, basset hounds, and Afghans without the benefit of dog snood. What did they do? Shampoo their pups ears after every dinner?

Now, thanks to the dog snood, they just launder the snood after a meal.

I know as well as anyone how much fun it is to anthropomorphize a pet. And there is always the powerful temptation to do things to them and put things on them that make them look cute.

So I’m all in favor of the decorator collars, and even the occasional bandana. Even a doggy coat for inclement weather. And maybe even doggy boots to protect those tender pads against rock salt. And they can be as cutie pie as fits with your dog’s breed and persona. (Dogsona?)

But there are some things that I think are beneath the dignity of most, if not all, dogs, and IMHO the dog snood – however practical (sorta/kinda) – is among them.

Please always keep your pet under supervision while wearing the snood.

Probably because any self-respecting dog would be chewing it off and spitting it out.

A tip of the snood to Trish for trend-spotting this one. I must start poking around Etsy to see what other peculiar wares are out there.


trixie said...

Well, I'm glad you read the post more thoroughly and found out what these things were for! I couldn't get past how ridiculous they looked. And, the reason I found them in the first place was I had actually purchased something from this Etsy shop - they have very cute dog collars for sale, and that's about as far as I get when it comes to decorating my dog.

Maureen Rogers said...

I almost ordered the squirrel collar - way cute - but then thought that you might already have it. (Can't keep up with Jack's sartorial splendor, even if it is just collars and the occasional Thunder Shirt.)