Friday, April 06, 2012

We the Peeple

It’s that time of year again.

Easter is nigh, and and the attention of we the peeple everywhere is riveted on Peeps.

Not that Peeps are just for Easter anymore.

They’re pretty much a multi-holiday fun food, with Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day versions. I’m not sure if they were purpose-made for the holiday, but I bought some bright green Peeps for St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m sure that at some point there’ll be Uncle Sam Fourth of July Peeps, back to school Peeps, and Thanksgiving Peeps (an obvious move, given that the original Peep bears more than a passing resemblance to a turkey).

I did say “fun food,” but are Peeps really a  food? I know they’re iconic. A cultural phenomenon. The product of a marketing empire that rivals that of major league sports, but with a sense of humor and perspective on their role in society. A huge money maker. And fun. But are they actually classified as food?  Certainly, a kabillion are sold each year, but how many are actually eaten? Other than by me. Nothing like channeling your inner Ozzy Osbourne and biting off the head of a fresh Peep of the chick variety. It does NOT work with bunny rabbits, jack-o-lanterns, or snowmen, and I’m sure I could prove it in a blind taste test.

Whether they’re food or not, what’s not to like about a product that makes this claim:


This is also the time of year when The Washington Post runs its Peep Show Diorama contest, now in it’s sixth year.

The winner this year, beating out a number of excellent entries, including some delightful Royal Wedding tableaus, was Occupeep DC, brilliantly rendered, right down to the rats nosing around the trash cans.


Since I’m heading to Rome on vacation next week, I was, of course, quite taken by Peepius Maximus.

I didn’t go through all the dioramas on The Post site, but I did go to the google and heard nary a peep about one topic I would have thought would have been irresistlbe. Is it possible that no one came up with a “corporations are peeple, too” diorama? Mitt Romney would be a natural for a Peep diorama.

Maybe next year, I’ll enter. That is, “we’ll” enter – I wouldn’t consider an effort of this magnitude without involving my sisters and nieces.

Meanwhile, Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy Baseball Season.


I so love the little fellows that, as long as there’s been a Pink Slip, there have been Peep Posts.

The photo of the “Occupeep DC” diorama came from the Washington Post.

“Peepius Maximus” is thanks to Allison, who blogs on CancerAndCandy.  When I first saw that combo I thought maybe it was a killjoy blog associating  cancer and candy. Fortunately, it’s not. Allison is a survivor of childhood cancer who now works at Sloan Kettering, and writes about what she knows. Hence, candy and cancer.

“On the Inside” came from Just Born, just one of many sites where you can satisfying your craving for information on Peeps, if not your desire to immediately bite off a head. Or two.

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