Friday, September 23, 2011

I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps

And that’s precisely what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning.

Yes, for the first time since the ‘attack of the b** bugs’, my husband and I are off to New York City for a long, and long overdue, weekend.

We will be well-protected from the bug that dares not speak its name, or should not, anyway – at least in our house. We’re wearing full-body condoms, and will be dipping our suitcases in wax for the duration. On our return home, we will burn those suitcases, everything in them, and the very clothes off of our backs, in a pyre that we’ve set up in the backyard of our building. Since we’ll be naked at this point, we may walk through the flames for some sort of ritual purification. Haven’t fully thought that one through quite yet. Maybe we’ll freeze dry ourselves, instead.

It will be an interesting weekend to be in The City, given that the Red Sox will be in town. We’ll no doubt catch one game at one of the many Red Sox-friendly bars, but I’ll go easy on showing my colors. Who needs the agita? (Who needs the ridicule? )

Plus I don’t want to lose a cap in the post-trip bonfire.

With all this trip preparation, there’s time only for this brief post.

Other than to note that I read recently that brown marmorated stink bugs – yet another unintended consequence of all those cheap imports from China – are now found in 30 states, including New York. And they’re not just stinking things up, they’re consuming fruits and veggies on their skunkish way.

Man, these lousy insects can be nasty, brutish, and way too in the face...

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