Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, I already used up a picture of (and blog about) my Christmas tree in yesterday’s post.

And I’ve used up pictures of both versions of Santa with reindeer with broken leg in blogs of Christmas past. (Santa in sleigh ornament, with reindeer with broken leg can be seen here, if you scroll down a bit.  Plastic Santa riding reindeer with broken leg can be found here. Again, scroll down.)

So today, to add to this year’s holiday image mix:

Ah, the ability for sports teams to flog the merchandise. This, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely why the Boston Red Sox can afford a bigger payroll than almost every other major league baseball team.  Having put aside my Halloween-themed Red Sox cap (black and orange, with a jack-o-lantern on it), I have been wearing this for the last month or so.

Pitchers and catchers report on February 14th, which is, frankly, quite a nice belated Christmas present, not to mention a swell Valentine.

Plus, I’ve been able to nab tickets for a couple of games next season. Sure, they’re no account games, and one is a night game in May when it will probably be 40 degrees and raining.  But you never know what can happen.  And this could be the year. (Although nothing will ever match The Year That Was 2004…) If it can’t be the Red Sox year, may it be the year of the Chicago Cubbies.  They haven’t won it all since 1908, a record that makes the Red Sox 86 year drought, which ended in The Year That Was 2004, look like nothing, and makes the formerly long-suffering Red Sox fans look like whinging whiners when compared to Cubs fans. (The ultimate of whom – and I do mean ultimate: she this honor was bestowed upon her last year by the Chicago Cubs – is my Aunt Mary. As of next season, Mary will have waited all of her 86 years for the Cubs to win, which is as long as any Red Sox fan had to wait. If the Cubs win, next year I will wear a Cubs Santa cap.) 

Anyway, pitchers and catchers on February 14th.  Be still my baseball craving heart.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Pink Slip readers.

In keeping with tradition, Pink Slip is on vacation for a week, so I won’t be back until January 3rd.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and making this hobby of mine so much fun.

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