Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not much to report

This is our last day in Paris, so we're on the run: Bateau Mouche, and our last bit of POC shopping.*

Yesterday, the girls and I walked up to the first landing on the Eiffel Tower - about 300 steps. Better than waiting 45 minutes for the lift.

We all went to the Ile de la Cité to walk around and have dinner. This was the area the girls seemed to have liked best - ultra quaint and ice cream shops every ten feet. Alas, all the charming little French ice cream shops were closed by the time we finished dinner, so it was on to Haagen Dazs. (Ben and Jerry's was closed.) On the way back from the Ile, we spent a bit of time in the Marais. Not enough for me...

This morning, we walked the local open air market, where the highlight was some crazy guy - we'd seen him kicking a news kiosk - coming up behind be and leaning his head on my shoulder.

Well, allons-y. A toute a l'heure


*Piece of Crap - which works in any country where tourist is spoken.

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