Friday, February 08, 2008

A perfect career path for the Perfect Master

"I heard the news today, oh boy..."

Well, actually, I didn't hear the news that the Beatle's guru and Transcendental Meditation teacher, the Maharishi, has passed on to his eternal reward, apparently having failed in his mission of making the world a happy and tranquil place.

But my sister Kathleen did hear the news, and upon doing so, her inquiring mind spun into a bit of not-so-Transcendental Meditation, hitting upon a very important question: whatever happened to the Maharishi's sidekick, the so-called 14 year old Perfect Master?

Well, thanks to wikipedia, I now know that Prem Rawat is still "touring extensively" encouraging folks to give inner peace a chance, and that, in 1985, he changed the name of Divine Light Missionaries (which could easily have been confused by Catholics with Divine Word Missionaries) with the far trendier Elan Vital (a term with no known association with the Catholic Church).

He also went on to establish a humanitarian foundation that helps those in need not so much of inner peace as of food, water, and medical care.

But wait, there's more!

The Perfect Master lives in Malibu, plus:

He holds an Airline Transport Pilot License and has type ratings for a number of multi-engined aircraft and helicopters. His résumé lists skills in computer graphics, computer-aided design and the development of aviation software. He is listed as co-inventor on a U.S. patent for a world-time aviational watch. He has contributed to startup companies in various industries, and supports his family through investments in several areas of business, including software.

So, the 14 year old Perfect Master is all grown up, and living a presumably innerly peaceful life as a Venture Capitalist! WAY-TO-GO!

This is reputedly his Malibu digs:


"Just chant in the name of the lord, and you'll be free...."

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