Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year: 2008

Well, I said I'd be back with the new year, and damned if that new year didn't sneak up on me pretty fast.

I'm not doing a true post today, just a New Year's Blog-o-Lution or two.

First for the Blog-o-Lutions:

  • Keep on Posting: Although I did take the last week off, and reserve the right to take time off again on occasion - hey, it's my blog, and you get what you pay for - I do plan on continuing to post daily, Monday - Friday, and to get the posts posted by 8:30 a.m. Eastern. (Not that every post was brilliant and scintillating, but I actually did very well with this last year.  I don't think I missed any/many days, even when I was on vakay in Berlin. And here I am violating the 8:30 rule on Day One - but I'm having pesky problems with my laptop  - which I'll be posting on over on Opinionated Marketer tomorrow -  and I'll take that as my excuse.)
  • Improve the Look and Feel: I really do want to give Pink Slip an overhaul, including tagging the posts, and - my brother-in-law Rick's suggestion - putting a list of "Best of Pink Slip" on there somewhere. Your candidates for "Best of" are welcome. (And, yes, I recognize that this post will not make the short list.)
  • Get My Commenting Mojo Back: Somewhere along the line, I stopped being quite so religious about reading and commenting on the blogs of my fellow bloggers (especially the ones listed on my site, as well as a few others who should be there). I promise - if not starting tomorrow, which is starting to look like the day this laptop bytes the dust - that I'll be back.

Happy New Year to All, and a healthy, entertaining, and prosperous 2008 to all my readers.

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