Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blogger Manqué

OK. When I set up this blog in January 05, I guess I thought that at some point, sooner rather than later, I would actually start, well, blogging. Almost two-years later, I can either tear down this blog and start over, which will hide the fact that I posted nothing for so long, or just confess to being a blogger manqué, a slacker’s slacker in the blogosphere. I guess I’ll take the confess option.

Now, I’m still not all that certain that I want to get sucked into blogging, but here goes.

I originally set up this blog to complement a Pink Slip, a book that I’m writing. Pink Slip (now in its final edit, let’s-find-an-agent stage) is a Jack-Welch-in-reverse business book/memoir that details my 25 years in high tech product marketing, largely spent in companies that are no longer around. Naturally, much of Pink Slip is about the business mistakes and out-and-out idiocy that I observed (and occasionally participated in) during my career. Some of it's about the business lessons I learned. (Since none of the options ever amounted to anything, good thing I got something out of all those jobs.)

We’ll see where things go - I could just as easily slack right back into my blog-slackin’ ways - but for now I plan on using this forum to share my observations on the business world, filtered through my own often woeful but sometimes exhilarating experiences. And I invite blog-viewers to hop in and add their own viewpoints and stories.

Let’s have some fun here.

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